The Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 3.

God is often depicted as a lion.  Monday night the Lion was in the Jungle.  A jungle of Bengal tigers and Buffalo Bills.  The roar of the crowd was silenced.  But the Lion roared loud.  Hearts stopped.  But the dead were raised. Before our eyes.  And suddenly, a country that is divided, was united in Prayer.  PRAYER.  Suddenly, in the beat of a heart, grown beasts of men, a stadium filled with revelers, young and old, two cities who had planned to be rivals, broadcasters, and a nation of people of every walk of life were united in prayer.  PRAYER.    Individuals who hide from God, who hide their faith in God, were not afraid to admit their faith.  To share their faith.  Religion and God which can seem taboo in the current society, were embraced with open arms, as we all recognized that WE were powerless. WE did not have the answers. The most physical athletes, Bengals and Bills were powerless.  Broadcasters who make a living speaking, were speechless. Minutes went by.  Tears flowed. And prayers, PRAYERS were raised to the heavens.  One by one, two by two, three by three.  Prayers for 3.  Prayers to 3, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If only it didn’t take a heart to stop to get our hearts to start.

2 thoughts on “The Lion Roared in the Jungle

  1. Amen! Well said, my friend. Your insight is spot on. The power of prayer and a modern miracle was observed world wide. On an unrelated note, my dear atheist friend of 30 years had emergency brain surgery on Thursday, 1/5/2023 at Catholic run Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati. She is grateful for all the prayers of her friends and family. It is truly amazing how God can transform our lives by His Love. God Bless You Patty Pryor!


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