I have started to do an amazing thing…  I open the Bible.  Once a day.  Sometimes for just two minutes.  Sometimes for much longer.  I do not start at the beginning or pick up where I left off.  I do not select what book I read or what chapter or verse.  I just open it and let my eyes fall where they may.  And more times than not, my eyes fall on a verse or chapter that has incredible meaning to me that day, that moment.  It would be presumptuous to think that God is directing me to something… wouldn’t it?   I am not the most religious person… I sometimes struggle to make it to church on Sunday, letting the rest of the world get in the way… I certainly struggle to put others’ needs ahead of mine… How could the words on a random page, written eons ago make sense in my 21st century life?  I don’t know… Or maybe I do and am afraid to admit it.  God is good.  God is all knowing.  And God knows what we need.  So permit me to indulge and share what I read.

I invite you to open the Bible with me.  Listen to God’s word.  Share your thoughts.  Let’s change our world back to God.

My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.

2 Corinthians 12:9